Working on war resources

Game information

Greetings Admirals!

The war system and war resources have been a point of great concern among you.
There are a few changes waiting for you in the next round:

War resources used to be visible for governors only. Players, who weren’t governors, could not see the amount of war resources their nation owned, or which actions would cost how many cannon balls. Parts of the strategy were difficult to understand for them.
Now, everyone can see information about the war resources!

Defence for free
Adding ships to a defence fleet used to cost 5 war resources each. If a nation was bare of war resources, they weren’t able to defend their cities any more, and even the Fleet of the Royal Protection would not help them. Now adding ships to a defence fleet is for free and defending your cities will always be possible.

War resources – cannonballs? Vote!
We noticed that among Admirals, war resources tend to be called ‘cannonballs’, so we thought we should rename them officially. What do you think?
You can vote in the official forum poll!

Respectfully yours,
Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team