Start of Closed Beta

Game information

Admirals: Caribbean Empires sets sail!

We are happy to set sail with you for the first time in the Closed Beta.

If you own one of the limited Beta-Keys, you’ll be able to earn glory and wealth in the Caribbean in the coming weeks. Defy pirates and other players in sea battles, conquer cities, and discover lucrative trade routes and treasures.

The development team will be in constant contact with you to improve Admirals continuously. As you know, the game is still in development. So use your chance to send your feedback directly to us!

Best way is to use our forum or Discord.

Now have lots of fun in the Closed Beta of Admirals: Caribbean Empires!

You’re not among the lucky ones who got a beta key?
Then pre-register right now on our website. We will inform you as soon as you can participate in a new round.
Also, check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss any news about the development of Admirals.