Second round of Open Beta

Game information

Greetings Admirals!

Today, the first round of our Open Beta going to end:
On 9th April 2019, 9:30 UTC we will know which nation dominates the Caribbean this time.

Thanks to the extensive in-depth feedback we received from you, our Beta Admirals, we have a number of priority topics that we are going to work on for the next round. Be prepared to sail the Caribbean again soon!

Our second round of the Open Beta is going to start in the first half of May.

The hot topics for the development team are:
• Improved distribution of players over the 6 nations
• Transparency of war resources
• New quests, higher frequency
• Treasure maps
• General balancing

Reworking the war system and political system are on the development plan for the launch of the game!

The king counts on you! On Discord and on facebook, you can get an early view on what is in store for you in the second round.

Respectfully yours,
Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team