Sea battles: Balancing completely overhauled

Game information

Greetings Admirals!

In the last Open Beta, you provided us with loads of feedback and statistics regarding your sea battles.
After taking a look at the entire calculation system, we've found and resolved the causes of a number of unintended phenomena.

Random Factor

We've reduced the random factor in battles to make the results more predictable and enable you to better assess the combat strength of your ships.

The damage variance of the ships has thus been adjusted.
Example: A ship expected to inflict 7 damage per hit on average sometimes had a variance of 2 to 12 damage per hit. This has now been changed to a variance of 5 to 9 damage.

"5:0" Results

You sent us lots of reports with "5:0" results. Although two equivalent squadrons faced each other in battle, one player lost all their ships and the other was left standing with just a scratch.

We finally discovered the cause in the ships' retreat mechanism. The conditions for a ship to attempt to flee were met too quickly.
In some instances, the first blow was enough to cause an opponent to retreat. As a result, the player would be left outnumbered before an inevitable defeat.

New Retreat Mechanism

We've expanded the retreat mechanism.
Your peaceful trade ships will continue to flee very early; they'll try to avoid any scuffles with war ships.

By contrast, offensive ships will have to be in a practically hopeless situation before they consider retreating. When two offensive squadrons now meet, they'll really engage in cut-throat battle.

Royal protection ships will never retreat, by the way.

Critical Hits

Critical hits were previously only possible if the ship landed a rather weak hit. Otherwise, the bonus damage would've been too high.
We've changed this. We've reduced the bonus damage, but critical hits are now always possible.

Ship Maneuvers

Ship maneuvers have been adjusted.
Altogether, a trained ship has three advantages: It shoots earlier, causes more damage, and misses less often.

These three advantages remain, although they are now better coordinated with each other.

Respectfully yours,
Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team