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Ahoy Admirals,

Enclosed you find the changelog with our changes for the update from 06.03.2019

Bug Report - Input fields are cleared after sending
Chat - Correct tooltip for the nation chat
Royal Protection - Correct display for level 6 
War - Button disabled when declaration of war is not possible
Logbook - Correct text when a nation rejected the capitulation
Manoeuvre - Correct tooltip
Map - Correct display of city name banner after conquering a city 
Performance - Fog of War System redraw reduction
Ranking - Correct display of 4-digit rankings
Routes - Fixed route setting between Port Louis and Charlotteville
Routes - Correct profit displayed for the delivery of goods without demand
Routes - Correct text in the tooltip for the offers
Routes - City indicator no longer flickers when setting routes
Ship list - Correct display of goods in the ship list
City - Correct level of details used for the animated ships
City upgrades - High amounts in donation ranking displayed correctly
City - Reworked calculation for city upgrade costs
City attacks - Attacking fleets from unknown cities are no longer displayed on the map
City attacks - Fixed wrong entries on request screen for city attacks
City attacks - Option to select the allowed ship types for city attacks
City supply - Recalculation of prices of goods after a storage was filled completely
Techtree - Fixed technology that couldn't be completed
Techtree - Option to show and hide the ship list
Techtree - Fixed technology to reduce the ship costs
Techtree - Fixed possible crash when opening the screen
Numerous minor improvements

Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team