Changelog Open Beta Update

Game information

Greetings Admirals!

Enclosed you will find the changelog with our changes for the update from 15.03.2019

For some time, you haven't been able to collect flotsam because there was an error preventing it to be generated. This bug is now fixed and you can roam the oceans to search for treasures in flotsam again.

Tooltips displaying the hitpoints of a ship were miscalculating the numbers. Now, correct values are displayed.

Council members can propose and issue upgrades in the city. With today's update, it is also possible to reject those council proposals.

City supply, needed goods screen
In some cases, the tooltips for producing cities and for the delivery ranking weren't displayed any more. If you have been affected, you should now be able to call them up without any problems at all times.

There are cases when a nation can't declare war on their enemy. For clarification, buttons in the diplomacy menu will now be disabled in such a situation.

Opening a private conversation with another player wasn't possible in the past days. We found and fixed the error, so you can now contact players in private again.

Recently, the costs for city productions and maneouvers were miscalculated. We are sorry about the confusion: The numbers have been corrected now.

Respectfully yours,
Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team