Bugfixing update

Game information

Greetings Admirals!

With today’s bugfixing update, we implemented solutions for the following bugs:

Loading problems at set route mode
One of the reasons for lasting ‘Loading’ animations at entering the set route mode was fixed.
=> However, you might still experience such cases for reasons that haven’t been solved yet.

City battles
In a battle, sometimes cities used to display a higher number of cannons than they really had.
=> Now fire power is displayed correctly at all times.

Stuck ships
Sometimes, ships got stuck on land.
=> This should not happen anymore.
=> However, they might still get stuck on underwater reefs at sea; we are still working on this issue.

Some players were unable to use the tavern (city forum) at all.
=> Now, this should work again. If you were affected, please try it.

You will find a description of more fixes in the full patch notes in our forum.

Cast off,
Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team