Balancing: economy and gameplay

Game information

Balancing a game is always a very exciting matter. Change just a few numbers and you've got a game that feels completely different!

As Admirals is still at the beginning of its journey, the focus is very much on balancing. And
a lot has changed since the Closed Beta!

First of all, you need to know that the Closed Beta ran for around 3 weeks – so it was much shorter than a normal game round.

To compensate for this, we doubled the money and glory earned through trade. This allowed you to make faster progress, buy lots of ships, and fight many battles.

The Open Beta will last longer. We have reduced the amount of gold and glory, and are closer to the game's envisioned economy.

Speaking of which, we have removed the purchase price of goods. So, when setting routes and comparing goods, you can concentrate completely on the actual profit. In turn, the amounts seem lower, of course.

We have significantly reduced the glory rewards for donations to the city treasury, so it pays off to trade, fight and explore continuously.

Overall, the game will progress a bit slower and you will have more time to expand throughout the Caribbean before things start to get heated.

New to the game are the quests from Rear Admiral Hawke.
During the Open Beta, you will earn valuable treasure chests as rewards, which we intend to do something special with in the long term.

The random element of battles has also been reduced. We have reduced the ships' training levels from 12 to 4. These training levels define the damage a ship can do. Therefore, it is now easier to understand how well-prepared a ship is for battle.

On top of this, there are additional modifications that you can discover in the Open Beta. So it's time to devise some new strategies!