Admirals: Caribbean Empires sets sail!


We'll be setting a course for the Caribbean again in February. The Open Beta is starting, so tell your friends and fight side by side for your nation!

Thanks to your feedback from the Closed Beta, we've been able to make lots of improvements. And we've still got lots more ideas and plans for the future. So stay tuned!

In recent weeks, we've been concentrating on the following:

  • Performance improvements

  • Fully overhauled war mechanics

  • Overhauled royal protection

  • Additional challenges in the form of quests and rewards

  • New, legendary ships and mysterious treasure chests

  • Players of defeated nations can continue to play

  • Reduced gold for trading, and so closer to the actual balancing of the game

  • Lots of other improvements

Continue following our news or stop by on Facebook – there'll be more details on the changes in the coming days.

We look forward to playing the Open Beta of Admirals: Caribbean Empires together with you!